Because we believe that continuity favors the learning process
Because a 3 year old child still has a fragile emotional stability, and it is common that they need extensive adaption periods when integrating into a new educational environment. This way, by remaining in an environment that is familiar, the child will feel more emotional security, therefore being more available to learning and discovering new things.
And, mainly, because we believe we are capable of taking part in this journey and challenge, in a creative, valid and enriching manner to your children.
By following the same principle of the daycare – “Crescer a Brincar” – that will continue to be our guiding principle.
“Each type of game teaches a new experience, gives a new vision and opens a window to another” (Paul Rooyackers, 1996).
Ludic activities help the child gain knowledge about himself, the social and physical world and about the communication systems, expanding their knowledge and influencing their perception of the reality. Games will also be the base to developing human values like solidarity, companionship, the respect for others or tolerance.
All the work that is carried out and promoted will be planned based on the Learning goals of Preschool Education created by the Ministry of Education.
The Room’s Curricular Project will be built based on the interests and needs of the group, seeking to promote the Global Development of the Child and its Socialization Process. We intend to wake each child’s critical sense, developing activities that will enable them to have a significant and diverse learning experience, always valuing individual, paired, and group work.
Because we believe the child should actively take part in the construction of the addressed themes, a lot of activities will emerge from the child’s initiative, allowing small projects to exist, which the Educator must integrate into the Curricular Project and enrich them, so as to contribute to the Child’s Development. We will also take advantage of the spontaneous activities (room areas), playground (adapted to the Kindergarten) and the Pedagogical Garden.