Periodo e horário de funcionamento creche Parque das NaçõesThe day-care functions during the 12 months of the year and closes on Saturdays, Sundays, mandatory holidays, Tuesday of Carnival, Christmas Eve and New Year and during 15 days in August.

Opening and children reception: from 7h45 up to 9h30
Pedagogical/Ludic activities: from 9h30 up to 11h30 and from 16h00 up to 19h00
Lunch: from 11h30 up to 13h
Hygiene/Nap: from 13h00 up to 15h30
Afternoon snack: from 15h30 up to 16h00
Closure/Ludic Activities: from 19h00 up to 19h45

O período compreendido entre as 18 e as 19h45 é considerado prolongamento de horário, implicando o pagamento de um montante adicional.