"Grow up playing"

Our Pedagogical Project was developed in a way as to give to the day-care, in a transversal point of view and to every Room, a unified line of the pedagogical principles that we want to develop.
It is from our Pedagogical Project that the principles of the activities developed in each Room by the Educators, supported by the auxiliaries, and under the guidance of the Pedagogical Director come from.

The "Saídos da Casca" day-care Pedagogical Project takes into consideration the following guiding principles:

• Each child is a unique being with rhythms, individual characteristics and with her own needs that must be respected;

• The affective safety of the child must be guaranteed through a calm, warm, joyful environment and through a good affective relationship with adults, in order for her to feel safe and wanting to find out about herself and the world around her;

• The child develops through playing, experiencing, directly acting over things. She finds, creates and resolves through action with the environment that surrounds her;

• The dialogue between parents, educator and auxiliary allows for a better knowledge and understanding of the child.

Through playing, the child attributes meaning to her world and appropriates herself of knowledge that will help her acting over the environment in which she finds herself.
Is through playing that she acquires meaning for her life.

Starting from this theme, subthemes are developed throughout the year, taking into consideration each group's age and always having in mind that children appropriate themselves of those subthemes from playing.

The activities developed throughout the year, in the day-care facilities or during visits to the Lisbon area, are centred in the child and is through playing that her cognitive and motor development is boosted.