We exist since September 2005 and have the Social Security operating license nº 23/2005.

We are located in Telheiras, in Lumiar's parish, in Lisbon and have capacity to receive 71 children, from 3 months to 3 years, in 6 different rooms especially equipped for each age-group.

Our mission is ambitious, but is only a part of the whole formed by family and friends of the children that attend "Saídos da Casca" day-care. What we want is:

  • Make implicit the idea of home and family extension, through continuality and stimulus that maintain and strengthen the affective and sensorial ties;
  • Make of education a transformation process in which educators and auxiliaries, parents, children and community participate in interdependence and complementarity as integral part of change;
  • Vehicular and enhance the experience of values, so that everyone can learn how to be, how to do and how to share, essential principles for the construction of a better and fairer society;

We have a team formed by:
  • 1 Coordinating Director - responsible for the management, relationship with parents and maintenance of quality standards of all day-care areas;
  • 1 Pedagogical Coordinator (who is simultaneously an Educator) – with the main goal of ensuring and managing the application of the Pedagogical Project, the coherence of the pedagogical practices of several educators and ensuring the quality and appropriateness of the content of the developed activities;
  • 5 Educators – responsible for the activities' planning and development. They are active agents in the affective relationship with the children, and ensure the Pedagogical Project;
  • 6 Education Auxiliaries – support daily the Educators in the activities. They are only active agents in the affective relationship with the children, and ensure the children's hygiene and nutrition;
  • 1 Cleaning Auxiliary – ensures the daily cleaning functions of the installations and materials.
The organizational structure of "Saídos da Casca" is defined in a way so that every technical and pedagogical area may be under the supervision of the Pedagogical Coordinator, i.e., both Educators and Auxiliaries must be subject of coordination in terms of daily activities, education culture, etc.